Pool Parties

Course Description

Pool parties are a great way to introduce your children and their friends to scuba diving in a fun and safe way in a warm swimming pool. We understand the challenges families have in finding something different to do with kids for their birthdays. A scuba diving party is a fun, exciting and memorable way for children to celebrate their special day.

What will I do?

All participants, from 8 years and older, can join in with the fun of scuba diving, and you never know, it might even start a trend! Both the children and adults should be comfortable in and around water, but don’t worry – they do not have to be superb swimmers. With youngsters in mind, the maximum depth is only 2 metres/ 6 feet. A typical pool party will last about 1.5 hours (sign up, gear up and fun included!).

Everyone, kids and adults, will get the chance to:
– Experience what scuba diving is like under the direct care and supervision of PADI instructors.
– Take their first breath underwater.
– Learn about and use scuba diving equipment.

How much does it cost?

You can have up to 8 people at your Pool Scuba Diving Party for £200.00, then each additional person you book will be charged at £10/head. Booking and full payment is required at least two weeks in advance.

Course Specification

Prerequisites: Comfortable Swimmer None
Dive Gear: Basic Package Basic Package
Next Step: Bubblemaker Snorkelling
Date: Dates are flexible
Price: 200.00