Master Seal Team

Course Description

Part two of the PADI Seal Team program is full of fun Specialty Missions – the Master Seal Team!

What will I do?

The PADI Master Seal Team program consists of a series of 10 Specialty Aqua Missions, each with a different focus – underwater photography, inner-space and night diver being personal favourites! The specialty missions give children an opportunity to explore more specialised dive techniques, while continuing to build on their fundamental skills and keeping the learning experience fresh and exciting. Sessions take place on the first or second Saturday of every month from 12:00-2:00, and are booked individually thus may be conducted at any pace which suits you. Each specialist AquaMission is £30. The list of Specialty AquaMissions that can be taken includes:

– Creature ID Specialist
– Environment Specialist
– Inner Space Specialist
– Navigation Specialist
– Night Specialist
– Safety Specialist
– Search and Recovery Specialist
– Skin Diver Specialist
– Snapshot Specialist
– Wreck Specialist

Completion of all 10 Specialty AquaMissions earns the student the PADI Master Seal Team membership – accompanied by its own recognition card and certificate.

Course Specification

Prerequisites: PADI Seal Team Member
Dive Gear: Basic Package Basic Package
Next Step: OW Referral Open Water
Date: Monthly
Price: 35 + £20 Per Pool Session