Advanced Rebreather Diver

Course Description

Do you want to take the next step in recreational rebreathers, dive deeper and longer on your unit? Then the Advanced Rebreather Diver course is for you…

The Advanced Rebreather Diver program expands your basic knowledge and skills developed during the Rebreather Diver course to allow you to dive to 30m (40m if you have a Deep Diver certification). During the course you will learn how to setup, trim and dive with an additional bailout cylinder which is required for dives deeper than 18m.

“I have been actively diving open circuit on single cylinder, twinsets and sidemounts for the past 10 years and I only really tried rebreathers because Alex told me I had to… But to be fair by the end of my course I was completely hooked. I now have 20 dives on the Hollis Explorer and I have just bought the Hollis Prism 2 technical rebreather. Having dived rebreathers on a recent liveaboard to Egypt I can’t see me going back to open circuit again now unless I am teaching.” – Dave Shaw, PADI IDC Staff, Tec Deep Instructor & Tec Trimix Diver

Scuba Leeds offer these programs in the UK, Malta and Egypt. So whatever type of diving you are doing now we can tailor a training package to suit your needs. Simply contact one of our Training Consultants today.

What will I do?

It is in the advanced rebreather range where the real benefits of the Hollis Explorer become evident. Dives in the 20m – 30m range are where the recreational rebreathers really show you what extended bottom time and gas durations mean. Your instructor will take you on a number of dives during your training where you will see how efficient your rebreather is. During these training dives you will not only see how the unit performs at depth, but under your instructors guidance you will develop the skills and techniques to safely handle any emergencies that may arise.

Course Specification

Prerequisites: PADI Advanced Open Water 30 logged dives
Dive Gear: Basic Package Basic Package
Next Step: Tec40 CCR Tec60 CCR
Date: Every Month

Course Video