Air Gun Servicing

Air Gun Cylinder Services in South Yorkshire.

We provide a comprehensive range of Air Gun Cylinder Servicing and Repair Services. This includes both aluminium, steel, and some other more obscure materials. Whether you are using M25 or M18, standard or tapered threads, we are able to help with your cylinder testing needs.

Air Gun Cylinder Servicing Duration

The cylinder test is valid for either 2.5yrs or 5yrs. The 2.5yrs applies a cylinder that has a scuba cylinder valve. The 5yrs applies where you have a dedicated air gun valve. Subsequently, you can easily identify whether you have a dedicated air gun valve by inspecting the valve and seeing if it has a built-in gauge or bleed screw.

Air Gun Cylinder Testing Price
Air Gun Hydro Test + Valve Service £39.95
Shot Blasting £17.95
Cylinder Zinc & Repaint £45.00

All Dream Air Gun Club members receive a 10% discount on all Air Gun Cylinder Servicing prices stated above.

Air Gun Cylinder Testing Regulations

The air gun cylinder testing regulations for the use of high-pressure vessels are mandatory for periodic inspection. However, there is sometimes confusion about the rules for air gunners and cylinder charging stations. Firstly, a pressurised vessel (such as your air gun cylinder) must be treated with respect to ensure your safety. Furthermore, both the cylinder and valve require servicing and testing. All our cylinders are serviced in accordance with IDEST.

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