Air Gun Fills

Air fills for 232 or 300 bar charging cylinders while you wait

If you are looking to get your air gun charging cylinder refilled in the South Yorkshire area. At we offer air gun customers fills rated to 232 bar and 300 bar with triple filtered gas to ensure the driest air. Furthermore, this dry air allows you to ensure the longest life for you air gun cylinder.

Air Gun Fills Price
1 x 232 bar fills £5.00
1 x 300 bar fills £7.50

All of our 232bar and 300bar air fills are done while you wait

Air Soft & Paint Ball Cylinders Price
3000 psi £3.00
4500 psi £4.00

Please note that if your cylinder is not in test we are not legally allowed to fill this. We do offer air gun cylinder testing, so if your cylinder is out of test we will be able to service this for you. Testing takes roughly two weeks to complete.

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